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Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA) is a regional non-profit organisation headquartered in Kenya and with country programmes in Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan. Our goals are to Provide Human Assistance, Build Resilience and Promote Peace and Security.









Message of RACIDA CEO-Mohamoud Duale on International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Message of  RACIDA  C.E.O -Mohamoud Duale 9 out of 10 girls and women in north eastern part of Kenya are circumcised. This is a clear manifestation of deeply entrenched gender inequality between the sexes and constitute [...]

Underground tanks, the survival of Mandera

Holding her three months old daughter on her left whist Rahma Adan aged 26 stood next to her Somali hut. Her tired, freckled face gawked in every direction. She stooped over the ashy breakfast fire, [...]

Pan of hope

The crocodile infested river Dau’a is 18 kilometres away from Malkamari. The terrain to the river is steep and rocky but is the only source of water for women who fetched the precious commodity on [...]

“The money has helped a lot as I was able to buy food which I could give to my children. As a mother nothing makes you happier than seeing your children are well and are able to get enough food to eat…I pray for Allah to bless you for supporting us during this difficult time, and we are hoping he will bless us with the rains so that the remaining animals can produce enough milk for us to drink and sell.”

Mugadala , Cash Transfer Recipient

“We are at risk but we have no other option. We can only wait for the rain and hope that there will be enough pasture for the animals, their condition will improve, and there will be plenty of milk for me and my children. In the meantime, I only wish you keep saving our lives by bringing water to us using the boozers.”

Halima, Water Trucking Project
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