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Underground tanks, the survival of Mandera

Holding her three months old daughter on her left whist Rahma Adan aged 26 stood next to her Somali hut. Her tired, freckled face gawked in every direction. She stooped over the ashy breakfast fire, the coal still alive. It was nine o’clock in the morning when we drove to the village of Barwaqo to [...]

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A life saving initiative

Under the dry sun of Northern eastern Kenya, known for its ferocious heat during the dry spell of hagaay and jilaal, Owlia Bashane aged 37 looks her horizon with pessimism with regards to the ever present problems of drought and the related facts of water scarcity. The terrain of Kubi location is as rocky as [...]

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Water is life & lions…

STORIES FROM GOGOT VILLAGE IN MANDERA The first signs of dawn cast a dreary lavender hue over the village of the small village of Gotgot with a population of 213 families in mandera district, northeastern Kenya. From inside the mud and wattle homes, low voices are heard planning a new day. Every murmur seems amplified [...]

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Underground tank, a Survival in Burwaqo

The village of Barwaqo 28 kilometers to the west of the main settlement of Rhamu 73 KMs south west of Mandera town had 23 households a year ago. These people settled here after they lost all their stocks to the 2006 drought. The terrain to Mado where they normally fetch water is difficult and the [...]

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Killing two birds with one stone

DESILTING OF HULLOW WATER PAN THROUGH “CASH FOR WORK” INJECTS CASH INTO THE LOCAL ECONOMY. By Mohamoud Duale and Abdi Omar Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA) is one of the active local non-governmental organizations operating in the expansive water deficient Mandera district. One of the divisions in Mandera where RACIDA has an [...]

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Destoking – a real timely intervention

Haretha is a mother of seven children; she and her husband are both unemployed. They also care for Haretha’s mother who is blind, old, wrinkled and all doubled up would not be a befitting description for her. She was beyond a common description of a poor person. Wretchedness of the wretched would sum up all [...]

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